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mahi valois

ux/ui, artist


about me

University of Southern California graduate. Marshall School of Business, Mahima Valois

Mahima Valois (Mahi Valois)

hello, I'm mahi

My name’s Mahi Valois. I’m a USC Marshall graduate where I studied business administration as well as pre-law. By day, I’m working as a UX/UI designer in the global trade industry.  

By night, I’m an illustrator and digital painter. All my art has a "message in every pixel." 

We can all make an impacting cultural change in the world if we wanted to; after all, it’s always the artists, creators, and dreamers who lead the change.

prints initiative


activism through art :: 

a message in every pixel

I sell art prints and donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profits. 10% of each print sold goes to organisations rebuilding ocean life and battling climate change, and to non-profits with a mission to prevent sexual assault (and help survivors).

Climate Change Cards (CCC) donations will specifically go to, and Only.One (the Tide project). 
All other prints' donations will go to RAINN and NSVRC.


You can request art pieces that are on my Instagram gallery. DM me or contact me here to request a print.

Climate Change Card (Sea Turtle) watercolor painting by Mahi Valois



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